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Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine recipe

25 Jun 2019


Bananas are popular with Chinese consumers, especially in southern China. A lot of bakeries are using banana in their products whether it is bread, cake or even chocolate. And with reason as consumers are delighted by banana in their bakery products. This Yellow Submarine has twice more banana with its delicious banana filling and its fresh cut banana on the top.



  • Easy Super Soft Bread - 100g 
  • Flour - 1000g 
  • Instant yeast - 10g 
  • Eggs - 80g 
  • Butter - 80g 
  • Water - 400g
  • Sugar - 200g




  • Cremfill Classic Banana - 150g 
  • Fresh banana - 50g



  • Harmony Classic Neutre - 30g 
  • Fresh banana - 50g

Working method

Author: Chen Jun

  • Country: China 
  • Specialty: Sweet bread 
  • Motto as a baker: “Experience is the mother of wisdom”


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