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Sensorial analysis with expert panels

While consumers are always happy to sample good cakes, bread, and chocolate, they’re not always sure how to describe and quantify their reactions to your end product. What’s more, their opinions are easily influenced by other factors, such as location, social setting, and the product information made available to them through labels, packaging, and branding. Even their previous experiences can have an impact! 

As such, it’s incredibly challenging to work out what consumers really think. Yet understanding consumer preferences is crucial to the work we do for and with you, our customers. As such, we created our own sensory analysis lab in our Group Research and Development department. The Puratos sensory analysis lab combines the skills of our experienced human experts with finely calibrated analysis instruments to help us understand consumers’ biological and psychological responses to flavor, aesthetics, and texture. We then analyze these results and share our findings with you, to help you decide if your creations meet consumer expectations and demand.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Sensory panel tests. Temporal dominance of sensation analysis, sensory sorting, a descriptive or discriminative study performed by Puratos expert panel.
  • Sensory training and consulting. The Sensory Manager can advise and train you on how best to design your study, guiding you on the best study methods and showing you how to analyze data, in addition to providing insight into sensory vocabulary, among other things.

Contact your local representative to learn more about the sensory services available in your country. 


Test new products, pricing, marketing and communication concepts by finding out your consumer’s preferences.

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