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In today’s very competitive environment, it’s essential to continue to stand out if you want to attract shoppers and ensure they remain loyal to your brand. This is particularly true when it comes to fresh products, which help shops to build their image and bring in an increasing number of potential customers.

Category Management and Shopper Marketing help create the best marketing mix for target shoppers. Puratos therefore developed a unique category management plan, to help you communicate with consumers as effectively as possible. We consider the specifics of the bakery, patisserie, and chocolate categories, store demographics and sales data. We then put our expert knowledge of consumer trends—gained through our  Taste Tomorrow  research initiative—and advise you on the best product ranges to focus on.

This includes matching new concepts and innovations to your consumers’ needs. Realistic profitability targets can be analyzed and set for all product categories, and together, we can establish strategies for meeting those targets.

Once the assortment is defined and production has been optimized, the focus shifts to merchandising. Our global presence means we can provide inspiration from around the world, offering you unique ideas for in-store communication and optimized floor plans that will help you create that authentic feeling that shoppers are looking for. Puratos has the passion, skills, and resources required to answer your key category management questions.

What’s in it for you?

  • Gap analysis: By collecting market samples and categorizing them, our Technical Advisors will compare your existing products in the same categories to help you identify any potential areas for improvement or opportunities for new product development. We categorize these changes according to how easy they are to implement. For example, easy improvements would include adding new ingredients. Followed by the medium-impact changes, such as making changes to your processes. Although this is a little more complex, it is not the most difficult type of change to implement if additional investment is not required. Meanwhile, premium changes would require a combination of extra ingredients and process changes that do require further investments. 
  • Full, back-end redesign of your bakery section: Puratos helps you analyze and evaluate the back-end organization of your store. We use the results of this assessment to offer you recommendations on how to optimize your production planning and select the right technology for each product category, ensuring that you always have fresh products at the front of your store to attract the most customers.
  • Full, front-end redesign of your bakery section: We can also advise you on in-store communication, provide POS materials, and recommend the best floor plan for your bakery section.

Contact your local representative to learn more about the category management services available in your country. 


How to stand out in a highly competitive market? Attract and retain customers by offering a balanced product range and service tailored to their needs.


Create a personalized webshop in a quick and professional way. Having a webshop enables your customers to place orders more easily, thus generating additional sales.

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