Health & Well-Being

Our Commitment

People around the world strive to live healthier so that they can enjoy the good things in life longer and in a better world. People changed their lifestyle and the way they eat.  

That is why at Puratos we strive to innovate to offer healthier solutions every day. We continuously improve our product range, to be better and healthier, while maintaining great taste in great products.

Our commitment to this generation and the next ones is that it is only getting better.

Health & Well-Being at Puratos

Our Health & Well-Being approach consists of 9 building blocks. While the Health part is backed up by science, the Well-Being part is linked to a consumer perception that these things are better for them.

GRAINS & seeds


We increase the quantity of grains & seeds in our products. Additionally, we promote the use of wholegrain versions to stimulate the consumption of bakery products containing high levels of grains, wholegrains and seeds. This helps consumers around the world reach their recommended daily intake of fiber.

SUGAR reduction


Puratos helps to lower sugar consumption through its complete range of sugar reduced patisserie & chocolate products. Additionally, we rework existing recipes with the aim to reduce sugar content by a minimum of 3%. Any sugar removal, reduction and/ or replacement action should not compromise neither products taste, nor texture.



We increase, whenever possible, the fruit content in the fillings or the fruit filling content in the final application.

FAT reduction


We aim to remove or reduce fats, especially of low nutritional quality or replace them with fats of good nutritional quality. We also focus on removing trans fatty acids and replacing them with healthier fat sources.

SALT reduction


We offer solutions to reduce the quantity of salt in baked goods to help consumers abide to the 5g of salt/day as part of the World Health Organization recommendation.

CLEAN(ER) label


More and more consumers want to reduce perceived undesired ingredients such as additives, artificial colours and flavours. Puratos offers clean and cleaner label alternatives allowing for a shorter, clearer and cleaner ingredient list of the finished products.



To answer the increasing demand for more natural products, Puratos provides, whenever possible, an organic alternative without compromising on taste, texture and overall functionality.



As an increasing number of people tend to avoid gluten in their diet, Puratos provides, whenever possible, nutritionally balanced gluten-free alternatives without compromising on taste and texture.

PLANT based


We contribute to a better planet by offering plant-based alternatives with taste, texture and functionality as close as possible to the traditional counterpart.

Our Nutritional Guidelines

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Puratos has a range of products that can help reduce fats and salt in the finished good… but also boost grains and seeds in bakery products.



Tools & Services

Develop new products or reformulate existing solutions to meet increasing consumer expectations.