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Health & Well-Being

The way food is produced impacts both people’s health and our planet. That’s why, since the very beginning, Health & Well-Being has been at the heart of Puratos’ research and development activities. We aim to provide the most nutritionally wholesome products possible, without compromising on taste, texture, quality, or safety.

With science on our side, we continuously improve our product range, to be better and healthier. We increase the presence of power ingredients, like fruit, fiber, and wholegrains, in our products. We also strive to cut down the presence of ingredients, like salt, certain fats, and sugars

In addition, Puratos’ proprietary research program Taste Tomorrow enables us to have in-depth insights into global and local consumer behaviors, attitudes, and choices. With that in mind, we offer the right product range to cover consumer needs for transparency or plant-based alternatives. 

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Health & Well-Being at Puratos

Our Health & Well-Being approach consists of 10 building blocks. 

The link between gut health and overall health is well established in the mind of consumers: a healthy gut positively influences both physical & mental health. The bakery products in Puratos’ Happy Gut range all contain gut health promoting compounds, such as specific types of fibres, which can support consumers’ gut health status.

Puratos helps to lower sugar consumption through its complete range of sugar reduced patisserie & chocolate products. Additionally, we rework existing recipes with the aim to reduce sugar content. Any sugar removal, reduction and/or replacement action should not compromise neither products taste, nor texture.

We increase, whenever possible, the fruit content in the fillings or the fruit filling content in the final application.

We aim to remove or reduce fats, especially of low nutritional quality, or to replace them with fats of good nutritional quality. We also focus on removing trans fatty acids and replacing them with healthier fat sources.

We offer solutions to reduce the quantity of salt in baked goods to help consumers abide to the 5g of salt/day as part of the World Health Organization recommendation.

More and more consumers want to reduce ingredients perceived as undesired such as additives, artificial colours and flavours. Puratos offers clean and cleaner label alternatives allowing for a shorter, clearer and cleaner ingredient list of the finished products.

To answer the increasing demand for more natural products, Puratos provides, whenever possible, an organic alternative without compromising on taste, texture and overall functionality.

As an increasing number of people tend to avoid gluten in their diet, Puratos provides, whenever possible, nutritionally balanced gluten-free alternatives without compromising on taste and texture.

Whenever requested, we contribute to a better planet by offering plant-based alternatives with taste, texture and functionality as close as possible to the traditional counterpart.

We increase the quantity of grains & seeds in our products. Additionally, we promote the use of wholegrain versions to stimulate the consumption of bakery products containing high levels of grains, wholegrains and seeds. This helps consumers around the world to reach their recommended daily intake of fiber.

Our performances in 2020

  • We used 16.951 tons of fruit (7% year-on-year since 2016). 
  • We used 41.949 tons of grains & seeds (13% year-on-year since 2016). 
  • We removed 1.236 tons of sugar (34% year-on-year since 2016). 
  • We removed 9.264 tons of fat (27% year-on-year since 2016). 
  • We removed 110 tons of salt(22% year-on-year since 2016).

Our long-term objectives

  • Further decrease sugar, sodium and saturated fat.
  • Increase the intake of fibre-rich grains, nuts, seeds and fruits.
  • Offer even more alternative clean(er) label, organic, gluten-free and plant-based solutions.

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