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Zebra Bread

Zebra Bread recipe

25 Jun 2019


Each slice of this cake reveals the attractive wavy lines created by the inclusion of chocolate. Not only does the chocolate enhance the bread’s appearance, its delicious taste is an easy way to surprise your family or friends at snack-time. Through its combination of taste and good looks, this zebra bread will win unanimous support with anyone who has the chance to taste it.



  • Tegral Soft'r Sweet bread - 1000g 
  • Water ± 480g 
  • Yeast Fresh - 10g 
  • Sugar (optional) - 50g 




  • Tegral Belgian Chocolate Cake - 1000g 
  • Eggs - 350g 
  • Water - 225g 
  • Butter - 300g



  • Butter - 100g 
  • Icing sugar - 100g 
  • Egg white - 100g 
  • Flour - 75g 
  • Cremyvit - 25g

Working method

Author: Carlos Ramirez

  • Country: USA 
  • Specialty: Hispanic products 
  • Motto as a baker: “Passion and motivation for the sweet breads”


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