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Sensory analysis lab on wheels


How do consumers evaluate your products? With the Sensobus we go looking for the answer to this question. You may take this quite literally. As a fully-equipped sensory analysis lab on wheels, the Sensobus can travel to any consumer shopping destination to interview up to 300 potential customers per day

Designed to find out how consumers evaluate products and shed light on their preferences, the Sensobus will bring you that one stop further to help translate these preferences into business opportunities.

What's in it for you?


  • Use the Sensobus to test pricing, taste preferences and communication concepts with your chosen target audience.
  • Get a representative sample of consumer opinions in only a few days.
  • Make informed, market-savvy decisions by taking advantage of our consumer research expertise and over 10 years of data.

Our mobile sensory analysis solutions per market



Active in Europe and the United States.



Drives across Iberica.



Located in China and Malaysia. Also available in New-Zealand and Australia.


Sensobus Europe & USA

Sensobus Europe Play video Sensobus Europe
Sensobus USA Play video Sensobus USA
Sensobox Asia Play video Sensobox Asia

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Sensory analysis

While consumers are always happy to sample a good cake, they’re not always sure how to describe their experience. Thanks to our experts in Puratos’ sensory lab, you will not only get clear feedback, but also will be able to translate it into actionable product improvements.

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