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Our commitments to you and to future generations

Sustainable entrepreneurship is high on Puratos’ agenda. We aim to embed our social responsibilities into our entire value chain, going from the sourcing of raw materials up to the usage of our products by customers and consumers. We have committed to be a company that not only continues to deliver strong financial results, but also continues to have a positive impact on society. We feel that as a responsible food company it is important to deliver a life changing social contribution in all locations in which we operate.

Our commitments to you and to future generations are set out in six sustainable pillars: Health & Well-Being, Responsible sourcing, Planet, Heritage, People and Community. Next to our six pillars, our Project Mars reflects our vision towards the future and our dedication to long term research to improve the quality of life on Earth.

In 2019 Puratos Group invested 4.4 Million € in different sustainability projects, we educated 182 underprivileged kids in our bakery schools, improved our CO2 efficiency by 2% compared to 2018 and 7.886 farmers received our chocolate bonus, providing them with a salary increase equivalent to 1 to 2 months.

Clear objectives have also been set for the future, such as becoming carbon neutral by 2025 and water-balanced by 2030.

Health & well-being

We wish to play a proactive role in offering more beneficial nutrients on the market. That’s why we integrate nutrition in everything we do.

Responsible Sourcing

An integral aspect of sustainability is the responsible sourcing of our raw materials, more particularly cocoa and palm oil.


We wish to play a responsible role in the global challenge posed by climate change.


Baking and chocolate making are among mankind’s oldest and most valued skills. We take great pride in preserving this heritage.


We wish to take care of our employees for they are the heart of Puratos.


Being a good local partner is vital to our corporate philosophy all around the world.

Mission to Mars Programme

In our continuous search for innovation, Puratos decided to take off on an ambitious journey. To be the first to solve the challenge of baking bread on the planet Mars.

Annual Sustainability Report 2020

Our commitments to you and to future generations