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Our commitments to you and to future generations

At Puratos, sustainability isn't just a goal; it's ingrained in our DNA.

We hold a deep commitment to caring for our customers and consumers, dedicated to delivering the finest products while simultaneously making a positive impact on society. Our sustainability approach is built on three core pillars, each representing our commitments to you and to future generations, shaping our journey towards a more sustainable future.

Here are some highlights from 2023 showcasing our dedication to Better Planet, Better Health and Better Life.

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Better Planet

We are dedicated to fostering a better planet today and for the future. Our values and goals revolve around environmental stewardship, striving to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute positively to the regeneration of the health of our planet.

Better Life

Thriving and inclusive communities are at the heart of our Better Life pillar. We believe that every individual is essential, and we prioritize working alongside communities to create opportunities, embrace diversity, and promote equitable growth.

Better Health

Our Better Health commitment is centered on enhancing well-being and promoting healthier lifestyles. We are devoted to developing products that contribute to a healthier life, ensuring the well-being of both you and your customers.

Mission to Mars

In our Mission to Mars program, we use the harsh conditions of the planet Mars as an inspiration to explore innovative techniques and technologies that drive sustainability on Earth.

We recognize that goals without proper planning are merely aspirations. That is why we have meticulously devised a strategic roadmap to ensure we reach these milestones. For detailed insights and progress updates, we encourage you to explore our 2023 Sustainability Report. It provides a comprehensive overview of our sustainability initiatives and the steps we are taking to create a more sustainable future.