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Level up your bakery, patisserie, or chocolate-making know-how

Puratos is proud to welcome you to our Innovation Centers scattered across the globe, where you can further develop your skills in bakery, patisserie and chocolate making. Our global team of R&D managers and technical advisors is always ready to share its knowledge with you, helping you create some of the world’s finest finished goods! 

In fact, this combined expertise might just help you come up with an innovative concept or idea for a new product. With their guidance, you’ll discover new ingredients, and learn to reflect on your production process, helping you maximize technological innovation and work as efficiently as possible. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect environment for trialing potential new solutions, meaning there’s no better place to explore your creativity! And when you’re ready to take this innovation back to your own production lines, our team members will be right there, to ensure you have the industry-leading support you need, any time, any place!

What’s in it for you?


Innovation and differentiation

With the very latest equipment and know-how at their disposal, our local teams of researchers and technical advisors are here to inspire you, whether its organizing tasting sessions to help you select the very best ingredients to finetune your recipes, or working closely with you to help you develop new concepts

You will also benefit from a vast database of recipes from around the world , that Puratos has built over the years, just waiting for you to discover new technologies and trends!

Product and process training

Here at Puratos, we understand how important it is for you to keep up with the latest technologies and trends, which is why we organize a range of training courses for our customers. We show you how to use Puratos products, helping to improve your product knowledge and achieve optimal quality in your own finished goods. 

Our industrial and semi-industrial manufacturer clients can also benefit from our industrial bakery, patisserie, and chocolate competence centers, where they will receive training on specific industrial applications, ingredients, and technologies

We also opened the Center for Bread Flavor in Saint Vith, Belgium, where we collaborate with our customers on the future of bread, and investigate how taste, flavor and fermentation influences the taste and texture of bread.

So, no matter what your scale is, you will always be at the cutting edge of science and innovation with Puratos ! 

Tailor-made approach and co-creation

Our R&D team and application specialists are on hand to create tailor-made solutions just for you. Inspired by the latest trends and technologies, we will work closely with you to create finished goods, supporting your creativity with flour analysis, and microbiology, texture and rheology, and physiochemical analyses.

If you’d like to level up your bakery, patisserie, or chocolate-making know-how contact your local representative to learn more about the product development support available in your country. 

New product implementation and troubleshooting

Here at Puratos, we are just as passionate about helping our clients as we are about offering the ingredients. That’s why we work closely with you to solve any problems you may be experiencing, helping you develop an efficient process. Together, we will revisit your basic formulas, checking that the ingredients, their quantities, and the production methods are correct. We then identify any areas for potential improvement, for example, in shelf-life or texture, before helping you to make any necessary changes. 

Our new augmented reality tool, Digital AdvisAR, has now made the process even simpler. This fast, sustainable, and user-friendly solution is available to all our customers– seeking immediate expert advice on a recipe, technical and quality challenges, no matter where they are.

Calculating nutritional value and making nutrition-related claims

Our teams can calculate the nutritional value of your baked goods. We can then advise you on how to reach a better nutritional score with Puratos ingredients and support you in making any nutrition-related claims on your packaging. Looking to claim a specific health benefit or obtain product certification? Our regulatory experts are here to advise you. 

Finished goods and process development support

Our global team is always ready to share its knowledge with you, helping you create some of the world’s finest finished goods!

Sensory analysis

While consumers are always happy to sample a good cake, they’re not always sure how to describe their experience. Thanks to our experts in Puratos’ sensory lab, you will not only get clear feedback, but also will be able to translate it into actionable product improvements.

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