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About Puratos

Puratos is an international group offering a full range of innovative products, raw materials and application expertise to the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors. Our headquarters are just outside Brussels (Belgium), where the company was founded in 1919. Almost a century later, our products and services are available in over 100 countries around the world and, in many cases, are produced by our network of local subsidiaries. Above all, we aim to be ‘reliable partners in innovation’, helping our customers around the world to deliver nutritious and tasty food to their local communities.

Our Customers

Our customers tend to be artisans, industrial manufacturers, supermarkets, and food service companies. Everything we do is for them.

Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision focus on meeting high standards and helping our customers to succeed.

Our Organisation

Learn more about the Puratos organisation, a global, customer-centred organisation and close-knit family company.


Innovation is our greatest asset and our unique selling point which is confirmed when you look back at our rich history.

Close to you

Puratos Group has local subsidiaries in 71 countries and production plants in 63 of them. Wherever you are in the world, you are never far from a Puratos representative.

Our History

Puratos has 100 years of rich and varied history that have shaped the Group into what it is today.

Our Way of Acting

We value our partnership with our customers, employees and partners. Our Puratos way of acting is based on trust which is at the heart of everything we do. It is at the core of all our values and allows us to be reliable partners in innovation to our many customers around the world.

Key Figures

The company at a glance through key facts and figures.