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Butter alternative for soft and sweet baked goods

8 Jun 2017

Margarines and specialty fats for Bakery
Margarines and specialty fats for Patisserie

Butter prices have risen consequently, reaching record highs, due to a decline in production and strong export demand.

Butter price evolution

Butter is trading at a historically high price.  This is due to an increased demand for butter, while the EU has intervened to control prices, leading to farmers producing less milk.

Soft and sweet bakery goods contain high levels of fat which significantly contribute to the recipe cost. Depending of the type (butter, margarine, vegetable oil) and level, it can represent up to 13-50% of the total recipe cost. Due to the high butter price increase, the profitability is impacted negatively if the changed cost is not passed on.

Puraslim: a different look at bread

Puraslim is an innovative range of bread improvers and mixes that allows baking soft and sweet bakery goods with a fantastic taste, texture and freshness at a reduced cost. With Puraslim, bakers can increase their profitability by reducing the level of fat (butter, margarine, oil) and by adding more water. This leads to a significant reduction in the total recipe cost.

With Puraslim improvers and mixes, the recipe cost of a brioche bread can be reduced by up to 15% compared to a standard recipe, with no discernible differences in product characteristics.