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Spring Breeze

Spring Breeze recipe

27 Jun 2019


This delicious soft bread combines the matching flavours of apple and cinnamon with sweet and tasty chocolate chunks and sugar inclusions. In addition to the flavours, you will appreciate the texture of the bread: soft, but also crunchy thanks to the delicious inclusions it contains. Enjoy a Spring Breeze in any season!



  • Subliem Boterstol - 300g 
  • Sapore Rigoletto - 30g 
  • Duo Flour - 1000g 
  • Salt - 20g 
  • Fresh yeast - 60g 
  • Water  680g 




  • Sugar nibs P4 - 500g 
  • Apple pieces 10 x 10 mm - 100g 
  • Belcolade Selection chunks 10 x 10 mm - 200g

Working method

Author: Marco van Scheijndel

  • Country: The Netherlands 
  • Specialty: Soft sweet bread, soft rolls, sourdough, daily fresh bread 
  • Motto as a baker: “Have fun in your work”


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