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By creating value through the fermentation mastery that results into superior tasting chocolates then sharing the value created among the chain and especially with cocoa farmers. Cacao-Trace is the only sustainable cocoa sourcing program that is redefining the standard for chocolate. 

At Puratos, we are building a better future for cocoa with a game-changing strategy. The traditional business model in the cocoa industry does not provide a sustainable future, driven by a commodity mindset which looks at quantity over quality. There is an imbalance in profit share, poor working conditions, deforestation, child labor and women inequality. 

Cacao-Trace differentiates itself by focusing on taste improvement. Our exceptional fermentation expertise with an unparalleled international network of postharvest centers is the key to creating superior tasting chocolate and a willingness to pay.

Our Cacao-Trace chocolate collection consists of Belcolade, Chocolanté, Carat, Patisfrance and many other brands, offering the finest quality chocolate for every imaginable application. 

Join our exceptional world of exceptional chocolate!