Double Bake

The undeniable trend for fresh bread at any time of the day and the shifting bakery distribution models are reshaping the bread market, supporting the growth of bake-off bread. Parbaked frozen bread production and quality protection throughout the cold chain and after the baking-off at the point of sale trigger specific challenges for bread manufacturers, such as crust flaking and bread staling.

Resulting from Puratos’ renown expertise and our unique innovations in Frozen Bread technologies, Double Bake frozen bread improvers are specially designed to overcome these specific parbaked dough challenges. Allowing bread manufacturers to deliver outstanding quality parbaked frozen breads to bake-off points, Double Bake provides the best peace of mind from frozen bread producers to point of sales.

Product description

  • For Par-baked frozen processes
  • Ensures great dough characteristics: workability and tolerance
  • Provides the right balance of strength, volume and oven jump throughout the bread making & baking process
  • Avoids bread collapsing after the first bake at the manufacturer’s
  • Prevents crust flaking after the baking-off at the point of sale
  • Prevents staling after bake-off
  • Clean Label solutions available
Customer advantages
  • Assurance of quality consistency at point of sale
  • Quality breads
  • Increased flexibility of reaction to the influx of shoppers versus other frozen dough methods
  • Strengthened consumer loyalty
Consumer advantages
  • Fresh crusty products
  • Availability throughout the day

Double Bake product range includes

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Double bake

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