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Breads of the World: sweet Mexican Concha

30 Jul 2017

Many countries have their own local bread specialties. Because they are adapted to local eating habits and available ingredients, these specialties can vary hugely from place to place. Puratos travels the globe to discover the exquisite tastes of authentic local breads. This time, we savour the sweetness of Mexican Concha.

Concha is a traditional sweet bread with a very crunchy and sweet covering. It’s often flavoured with chocolate or vanilla. Concha is easy to recognize in bakeries, as its outer layer is usually moulded in the shape of a shell. 

How to savour Mexican Concha

Mexicans traditionally eat Concha for breakfast or dinner, accompanied by hot chocolate or Champurrado. The latter is a warm, thick, chocolate-based Mexican drink made with corn- or maize flour and occasionally also containing anise seed or vanilla beans.

Introduced by an Empress?
The origins of this traditional Mexican sweet bread are not completely clear. Some say this bread tradition was originally introduced by Maximiliano, Governor of the Second Mexican Empire between 1864 and 1867. Apparently his wife, Empress Carlota of Mexico and daughter of King Léopold I of Belgium, baked it for him.

Others say sweet breads were brought to Mexico long before that by the French. In fact, although the French occupation of Mexico ended at the battle of Cinco de Mayo, Mexicans’ love of French bread has endured ever since.

Expand your range of products with Mexican Concha

Do you want to expand your range of products by adding authentic breads like Concha? Thanks to a close collaboration with specialist Mexican bakers, you can easily create Concha bread yourself. All you need is the Tegral Concha mix that contains:

  • The latest improver technology to achieve the right texture and longer-lasting freshness.
  • The typical Mexican flavour that will enhance the original taste and flavour.

Using the Tegral Concha mix you can skip the laborious preparation and benefit from convenience. It’s easy to store and guarantees consistent quality in the final product.

Discover our Breads of the World
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