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Double Bake Colour

Hot news from Antarctica!

18 Jun 2019

Bread improver

Yes, the hottest news in baking parbaked frozen bread has its origins in the Antarctic!

New Puratos Double Bake Colour is a frozen bread improver based on a specific enzyme discovered in a recent expedition of Puratos and Liege University scientists to the Antarctic. This unique type of family 8 xylanases has optimal activity at much lower dough temperatures, so that strength and tolerance properties come into play even in cold doughs. This makes it very interesting for frozen bread products.

Great results for everyone!

Our Double Bake Colour parbaked frozen bread improver gives a significantly faster crust coloration that can save you up to 60% of time for bake-off. So, instead of a 10-minute bake-off, the bread is ready to serve with a delicious-looking golden crust after only 4 minutes! And that’s not all. This huge cut in bake-off time also reduces dryness, keeping bread fresher for longer, enabling bakers to offer fresh, crusty, golden bread to their consumers all day long.

Freshness defines quality for consumers

We know from our Taste Tomorrow consumer research that freshness defines consumer perceptions of quality, together with smell, look, crunchiness and short shelf life.

However, we also know that points of sale face considerable challenges in offering fresh bread all day long:

  • Whilst ABA research shows that younger consumers enjoy bakery items throughout the day, bread baked in the morning may not be so fresh at 5pm! 
  • There is often little product consistency in colour and freshness throughout the day and across all outlets -
  • Bakers, and increasingly consumers too, want to reduce waste from unsold bread and manage costs better. 

This all sounds like a big ask for bakers using parbaked frozen bread. What’s more, it sounds like big changes to baking being involved!

No manufacturing changes, just benefits for everyone!

The great news is that Puratos Double Bake Colour can be used without any change in manufacturing conditions. What’s more, thanks to Double Bake Colour, bakers (and of course their consumers!) benefit from:

  • better crust colour consistency 
  • prevention of crust flaking 
  • faster point-of-sales reaction to consumer demand, so better waste control 
  • and last, but by no means least, because enzymes have their origins in nature and are used to produce clean(er) labels, bakers have an additional opportunity to talk to consumers. 


Find out more about how our really cool Double Bake Colour works in the video!