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The Future of Bread Lies in its Past

Knead your heart and soul into bread

Bread is shaped over 250 generations of bakers. Every generation tried out new recipes, new ingredients and a string of baking techniques. All to bake even better breads. By getting the most from our heritage and respecting its three cornerstones - health, taste, texture - we intend to help bakers accomplish just that: better breads.


The flatbread that a baker made thousands of years ago over an open flame and the loaf that just popped out of your local baker’s oven are quite different, but they share the same genes. Grains. They are treasure troves of nutrients and fibers that have been fueling everyday life for ages. At Puratos we have learned how to get the most out of them, so you can boost their wholegrain category with unique Sprouted Grains, Softgrains or Puravita mixes.


If grain is the seed of life, then sourdough is the ingredient that breathes life into it. The air is filled with wild yeasts and bacteria. Inside a warm glob of water and flour, these microorganisms will flourish to create sourdough. For thousands of years, the only way to ferment bread was with this sourdough starter. In thousands of varieties and flavors. The sourdough tradition once nearly died out. And with it, a wealth of stories. Of flavors. Nearly… Because today sourdough is back and  we help you rooting for it with O-tentic and Sapore sourdoughs.


Each generation of bakers tried out new ingredients and techniques to optimize breads texture. With the discovery of enzymes in barley, in the 19th century, bakers started to understand the important role of enzymes in softness and freshness. At Puratos, we are inspired by nature to find the best fitting enzymes that make bread fresher, softer and offers the best texture experience.

Join the Tradition, Create Your Future

Traditions have been passed on, adapted, evolved or even forgotten about. Puratos believes that today’s bakers deserve to stand on the shoulders of giants. That they should have access to the expertise of the 250 generations of bakers that came before us. That’s why we research and preserve the heritage of bread in our Sourdough Library, re-introduce traditional ingredients like sourdoughs and ancient specialty grains and work on innovations inspired by nature. It’s all about enabling you to join the tradition, and create your future with your very own, authentic signature breads. Rustic Style breads that go back to the roots of baking.

Join the tradition. Contact us for more information.