Quick Step

Quick Step provides fundamental strength and quality over the freezing shelf-life, but also includes the latest texture technology to deliver that short bite effect required in laminated pastries.

Product description

  • For Prefermented frozen processes
  • Premium tolerance for a consistent quality bake-off.
  • Includes Puratos Oven Spring technology
  • Improved dough-development and handling
  • Peace of mind on performance after frozen storage

Dominant in the market, the most convenient and proven efficient method of ready to bake laminated products is ‘Thaw & Bake’ (Prefermented Frozen). It offers the easiest solution for fresh-quality bakery products available for demanding consumers throughout the day. The main challenge for this process is to maintain strength over the freezer shelf-life.

This significant impact on the final quality provides you with the essential ‘peace of mind’.

Customer advantages
  • Reduce cost by optimized logistics with extending freezer shelf-life whilst keeping consistent strength of up to 6 months
  • Increase sales by providing consistent enhanced quality products at the point of sale
  • No need for good baking skills
  • Great croissant volume
  • Clean Label solutions available
Consumer advantages
  • Freshly baked premium crusty products
  • Availability throughout the day

Quick Step product range includes:

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Quick Step

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