Many manufacturers accept that the Unfermented, proof and bake process brings the most convenience for bread manufacturers. The efficient low cost manufacturing creates a larger product margin for the seller. However, low quality consistency and strong bakery skills often trigger specific challenges for bread manufacturers at the point of sale.

For almost 40 years, Puratos has led the way in developing better solutions for frozen dough and bread processes. Over these years of expertise, we have been driven on responding to these challenges posed though the Unfermented Frozen process. Therefore, Puratos KIMO improvers are designed to build on the value creation through keeping those cost-efficient logistics, whilst providing you with a consistent quality finished product and the important peace of mind throughout the proofing and point of sales period.

Product description

  • Provides minimal quality loss for freezing periods up to 6 months
  • Increase sales by providing consistent quality because of the superior strength
  • Reduce cost by optimized logistics with extending freezer shelf-life
  • Improved dough characteristcs and handling at lower temperatures
Customer advantages
  • Peace of mind
  • Cost efficiency
  • Increase sales
  • Clean Label Solutions available
Consumer advantages
  • Fresh crusty products
  • Availability throughout the day
  • Enhanced in-store bakery experience through activity and traditional bakery smell

Kimo product range includes

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