Blueberry Sandwich Cake

Recipe of Blueberry Sandwich Cake

10 Jan 2020



  1. Easy Acti-fresh Cream Cake CL
  2. Starfruit Puree Fruit Citron (Lemon)
  3. Bavarois Neutre
  4. Deli Cheesecake
  5. Fresh Cream 35% Fat
  6. Smoobees Blueberry
  7. Potassium Carbonate




  1. Cake: Mix all the ingredients together for 2 minutes at slow speed and 2 minutes on medium speed with a flat beater. Add SMOOBEES and mix 1 minute on slow speed. Spread out 4 mm thick on a 40/60 Silpad and sprinkle some Puravita Decoseeds on top. Bake during approximately 15 minutes at 180°C.
  2. Filling: Heat the Starfruit until 80°C. Add the Bavarois Neutre and mix well. Incorporate the Deli Cheesecake in the mixture and add at the end the half whipped cream. Spray 700 gr of the creme on top on the 60-4. cm layer cake. Freeze. Cut the layer of cakes in squares on 11-11 cm. After, cut them in a triangle to recieve a sandwich shape.

Nutritional Facts

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