Since its launch in 1975, S500 has been a worldwide reference point for bread improvers. Artisan as well as more industrialised bakers see S500 as a premium product that gives absolute security during all stages of the bread-making process, and one that helps them achieve proven and consistent superior-quality bakery goods.

Product description

  • The best performing range of improvers on the market, also exist in Clean(er) Label
  • Offers bakers absolute peace of mind for their fresh breads
  • Outstanding dough tolerance and bread volume

Being a baker is not only about baking good bread and other specialties. It is also about being aware of emerging trends and offering consumers the choice and convenience they deserve, with a wide variety of fresh products available at any moment of the day. On top of that, bakeries must operate efficiently and maintain consistent premium quality under fluctuating conditions.

At Puratos, we have helped generations of bakers deal with these challenges and now offer a wide range of S500 complete improvers to help with dough tolerance, freshness, volume, shape, taste, clean label ingredients, delivering healthier finished products etc.

Customer advantages
  • Absolute peace of mind: S500 shows its supremacy when bakery conditions go bad!
  • Guarantees constant & premium product quality: S500 provides outstanding volume & regular shape to baked products
  • A unique versatility:
  • Adapted for any kind of process: direct, retarded fermentation, long fermentation, short freezing, …
  • Applicable in any yeast raised product: crusty & soft rolls, white & wholemeal breads, croissants, …
  • Adapted for all flour qualities
Consumer advantages
  • Improved freshness of baked products

S500 product range includes

S500 CL

The best quality multi-purpose improver on the clean label market, offering you absolute peace of mind with proven consistent premium quality.

S500 Sense

The best performing improver on the market, offering you absolute peace of mind with a tasty and consistent premium quality thanks to a combination of improver and natural sourdough technology.

S500 Salt Reduction

The best performing improver on the market for salt reduction, offering you absolute peace of mind and 25% salt reduction without compromising on taste. All thanks to our natural sourdough technology.

S500 Wholemeal

The best performing improver on the market for wholemeal bread as well as bread made with grains and seeds. S500 Wholemeal offers you absolute peace of mind with proven and consistent premium quality.

S500 Puff Pastry

The best quality improver on the market for puff pastry, it allows you to lower costs by reducing the quantity of lamination fat by up to 20%.


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