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With 100 years of expertise in bread making,  Puratos was the first company to launch a complete bread improver in 1953: T500, in paste form. We continuously optimized our formulas, and in 1975 S500 was born, a powder improver.  This allowed us to reach more bakers around the world, helping them to make even better breads. Thanks to our unique enzyme technology, coming from Antarctics, S500 can bring breads ultimate tolerance. This enzyme is at the heart of the S500 formula, allowing you to bake with consistent great results, batch after batch.

Product description

  • The world’s best-known and best performing multipurpose improver, that delivers abolute peace of mind.
  • Bakers can rely on proven and consistent premium quality across all applications to keep their customers satisfied.
  • Outstanding dough tolerance and bread volume

Being a baker is not only about baking good bread and other specialties. It is also about being aware of emerging trends and offering consumers the choice and convenience they deserve, with a wide variety of fresh products available at any moment of the day. On top of that, bakeries must operate efficiently and maintain consistent premium quality under fluctuating conditions.

At Puratos, we have helped generations of bakers deal with these challenges and now offer a wide range of S500 complete improvers to help with dough tolerance, freshness, volume, shape, taste, clean label ingredients, delivering healthier finished products etc.

Health & Well-Being
Fat Reduction
Clean(er) label
Customer advantages
  • Absolute peace of mind: S500 shows its supremacy when bakery conditions go bad!
  • Guarantees constant & premium product quality: S500 provides outstanding volume & regular shape to baked products
  • A unique versatility:
  • Adapted for any kind of process: direct, retarded fermentation, long fermentation, short freezing, …
  • Applicable in any yeast raised product: crusty & soft rolls, white & wholemeal breads, croissants, …
  • Adapted for all flour qualities
Consumer advantages
  • Improved freshness of baked products

S500 product range includes

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