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S500 – Baker’s Best Friend

9 Nov 2020


Consumers around the world demand more and more quality in their breads. They want a great bread 24/7, day after day, after day.

To meet this demand, bakers need the best ingredients and processes to face all the possible variations that might impact the quality of breads: Temperature, humidity, equipment, flour, etc. Quite simply, they want 100% peace of mind and reliability. This is why Puratos S500 improvers are now sold in more than 75 countries, reaching more than 14.000 bakeries around the world. 

To check on the start of this brand history, we need to go back to the 50s, when the T500 was launched. The predecessor of S500, T500 was the first complete improver, allowing bakers to have an unprecedent control over the baking process and, therefore, deliver the best breads to their consumers no matter how tough the conditions were. In 1975 S500 was born, the first ever powder improver and the first one with enzyme technology. Providing total security across all stages of breadmaking, S500 was quickly adopted by artisanal and industrial bakers from all around the world, offering better dough handling, volume, crumb structure and oven-jump.

As leaders never rest on their laurels, S500 is evolving with Puratos and going the extra mile to remain the bakers’ best friend for the future to come. Strongly believing that nature can inspire our future technologies, we extensively travel all around the world to find unique enzymes with potential to unlock new possibilities for bakers. One of these expeditions was in Antarctica, where we discovered a special enzyme that delivers strength and tolerance to the dough at low temperatures. This enzyme allowed us to deliver an ultimate peace of mind experience to bakers, being now the backbone of S500.

Besides all of that, bakers know that they can always rely on us, either with cutting-edge products, inspiring recipes, consumer information or technical support.

S500 is available for all bread applications and processes, also in clean(er) label formats.

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