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Embracing consumer’s desire for healthy grains & seeds breads without compromise on taste, Puravita offers best-in-class wholegrain breads with a fantastic taste and all the health benefits of grains & seeds, in a convenient way. Discover how Puravita guarantees you always bake best-in class wholegrain breads, preferred by consumers.

Product description

  • Puravita breads have a great taste, an improved nutritional profile, a craft look & stands for Best-in-Class healthy & tasty wholegrain breads.
  • All Puravita breads are unique and contain the best of Puratos unique ingredients, such as special flours and our own wholegrains and sprouted grains, and latest clean label enzyme technologies, sourdoughs and malts. All Puravita breads are CL.
  • Puravita breads are preferred by consumers: we guarantee this by running Sensobus analyses.
  • Selected Puravita mixes enable to bake breads are high in fibre and allow a gut claim according to local regulation

Health & Well-Being
Salt Reduction
Grains & Seeds
Clean(er) label
Customer advantages
  • Innovation : Integrating the best of unique Puratos in-house ingredients & technologies
  • Versatility : Endless applications, endless creativity.
  • Convenience : Ready-to-use solutions requiring minimal scaling & manual labour.
Consumer advantages
  • Health: With many wholegrains & seeds, our Puravita breads are rich in fibre and have an improved nutritional profile (proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc.).
  • Great Taste: Our Puravita breads have the best taste on the market, thanks to our in-house sourdoughs & malts
  • Outstanding freshness: Our solutions for wholegrain bakery solutions contain the latest clean label enzyme technologies.

Puravita product ranges include

Puravita Sprouted Grains
Puravita Ancient Grains
Puravita wholegrain
Puravita Fiber+

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