Embracing the latest desire of consumers for authenticity and naturalness, Puravita offers vitality by bringing the taste, wellbeing and satisfaction only grains and seeds can offer. All Puravita breads have improved nutritional values, making them a perfect contribution to a healthy balanced diet filled with endless pleasure.

Product description

  • Make bakery items with natural ingredients (grains and seeds)
  • Grains and seeds for tasty breads with improved nutritional value : source of fibers, limited in salt and reduced in fat and/or sugar
  • Healthy and fresh breads with an outstanding new taste approved by sensory analysis with consumers & experts.
  • One versatile product for endless applications.
  • Ready and easy to use bread mixes supported by inspirational communication based on nutritional facts
Customer advantages
  • Innovation : mixes anticipating trends
  • Versatility : one mix, endless healthy and tasty applications
  • Convenience : Ready and easy to use bread mixes
Consumer advantages
  • Well-being : the power of grains and seeds for a balanced diet
  • Taste delight : delicious breads with a taste of their own
  • Freshness : fresh breads anytime, anywhere”

Puravita product ranges include

Puravita Sprouted Grains
Puravita Ancient Grains
Puravita wholegrain
Puravita Oatflakes
Puravita Rye Multigrain
Puravita Fiber+
Puravita Protein

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