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Recipe: Agrum Trifle

11 Jul 2017


Recipe: Agrum Trifle


  • 500 g of Tegral Satin Moist Cake Yellow
  • 100 g of Water
  • 200 g of Oil
  • 200 g of Eggs
Agrum Jelly
  • 500 g of Harmony Classic Neutre
  • 200 g of Grapefruit Juice
  • 200 g of Mandarin Juice 
  • 100 g of Lime Juice
  • Q.S. of Fresh Fruits

White Chocolate Mousse
  • 425 g of Fresh Cream
  • 390 g of Belcolade Dominican Republic 31
  • 40 g of Cocoa Butter
  • 175 g of Chantypak
  • Q.S. of Topfil Raspberry
  • 225 g of Butter
  • 225 g of Brown Sugar
  • 175 g of Puravita Decor Multiseed

Working Method

  1. Mix all cake ingredients for 4min. at medium speed with a paddle mixer.
  2. Spread on a baking stray.
  3. Bake at 180°C for 10min.
  4. Cool down and cut into wanted shape to put into the verrine.
Agrum Jelly
  1. Heat up the Harmony Classic Neutre and the three juices until 65-75°C. 200 g Grapefruit Juice
  2. Pour agrum jelly into the verrine on top of the cake, and then place fresh fruits on top. 
  3. Let rest.

White Chocolate Mousse
  1. For the mousse, boil 250 g of cream and pour on the Belcolade Dominican Republic 31 and cocoa butter.
  2. Cool down to 35°C and add the remaining 175 g of cream (medium whipped) and Chantypak at the same time.  
  3. Pour a layer of mousse on top of the verrine, and then pipe a layer of Topfil Raspberry. 
  1. Mix all crumble ingredients together and push through a big sieve. 
  2. Cool down before crumbling on a tray and bake for approximately 15 min. at 180°C. 
  3. Sprinkle on top of the verrine.