The finest cocoa beans are carefully selected to make pure Chocolanté chocolate, and its undeniable, wonderful taste, tailored to suit local tastes. To create Chocolanté’s outstanding quality we put all our passion and expertise into it, focusing on traditional chocolate-making techniques and the selection of the finest raw materials. Chocolanté can be used in all local mainstream market applications - including patisserie, bakery and chocolate-making – but is so flexible that it can also be adapted to suit any local tastes and requirements.

Product description

  • Real chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans
  • adapted to suit any local tastes and requirements

Puratos products distinguish themselves through consistent quality and taste, a taste that can be perfectly tailored to suit local preferences. Using advanced analysis tools such as the Sensobus – a mobile sensory analysis lab that tests consumer preferences worldwide – Puratos guarantees that Chocolanté can match your local requirements wherever you are in the world. It’s the global yardstick for how real chocolate should really taste.

Backed by a rich history of innovation, expertise and an unwavering passion for chocolate, Puratos guarantees the highest quality at all times. Our traditional tried-and-tested way of mixing and refining the chocolate, paired with the finest raw materials, ensures the satisfaction of even your most demanding customers.

Customer advantages
  • Only available to professionals
  • Tailored to suit local preferences
  • Added-value chocolate solutions
  • Unique products born of continuous innovation
  • Sustainable Solutions
Consumer advantages
  • The best tasting real chocolate
  • A consistent quality
  • Sustainable solutions

Chocolanté product ranges include

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