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Hot Banana

Hot Banana recipe

18 Mar 2019

Real Chocolate

1. Moulding

Working Method

  • Melt the chocolate and heat up to 45°C
  • Temper it at 30°C
  • Mould cup moulds and leave to crystallize for 1 hour at 16°C with a relative humidity level lower than 60%

2. Vietnam Spicy Banana Ganache


  • Sugar - 120 g 
  • Cream 35% - 375 g 
  • Mixed pink pepper - 2 g Puratos Classic Banana - 60 g 
  • Sorbitol - 45 g  
  • Butter - 60 g
  • Puratos Classic Banana - 60 g
  • Belcolade Origins Noir Vietnam 73 Cacao-Trace - 450 g

Working Method

  • Caramelize the sugar and heat up the cream together with the mixed pink pepper
  • Add the heated cream to the caramel to stop the caramelisation process
  • Add the sorbitol and Puratos Classic Banana to the caramel cream and heat to 85°C
  • Pour onto the Belcolade Origins Noir Vietnam 73 Cacao-Trace and mix to obtain a smooth ganache. When the ganache reaches 35° C, add the butter and mix with a hand mixer. Use the ganache at a temperature of 30°C
  • Fill the chocolate cups and leave to set. Close them with tempered chocolate and put a spoon in each before it sets.

Serving Tip

Warm some milk (80°C) and pour into a glass. Put a Hot Banana spoon in it and stir to obtain a hot chocolate drink.


Serve with some dried banana pieces