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Recipe : Alfajor - Argentina


Haelnut short crust

Caramelised Hazelnuts

Hazelnut Dulche de leche filling

Working Method:

Hazelnut short crust

  1. Mixing - Put the Mimetic, hazelnut powder and the Tegral Patacrout in a mixing bowl with a paddle and mix slowly into a sandy structure and then incorporate the eggs. Mix till you obtain a dough.
  2. Cooling down - Roll out between 2 paper sheets ( 3 mm) cool down before you cut the shapes.
  3. Baking - Bake 180°C for about 18 min. till gold brown.

Caramelized hazelnuts

  1. Baking - Boil the sugar and the water till 110°C and add the hot roasted hazelnuts stir till they are caramelized. In the end, put the butter so they will be less sticky.
  2. Cooling down - Poor on a backing paper or silpat and cool down. Keep this well packed from the air.

Hazelnut Dulche de leche filling

  1. Mixing - Mix the 2 ingredients.

Assembly & Decoration

  1. Piping - Pipe the hazelnut dulce de leche filling around the upper side of the cookie shape.
  2. Filling - Fill with Deli Dulce de Leche and crushed caramelized hazelnuts.
  3. Finishing - Close with another cookie on top . Cover with tempered Milk chocolate. And before setting of the chocolate sprinkle some hazelnuts on top.

Tegral Patacrout

  • Quick to prepare & Easy to use
  • Batter can be shaped and/or laminated directly after preparation – no need to settle in the fridge

Carat Supercrem Nutolade

  • Carat Nutolade is a range of premium tasting fat-based fillings with at least 12% of nut paste
  • It can be used in a lot of different applications. The product is easy to inject after baking, freeze-thaw stable and can be baked in closed applications
  • Available also in intense flavors: Hazelnut, Amande Noisette, Pistachio, White Nutty

Puratos (Deli) Dulce de Leche

  • Puratos Dulce de Leche is a premium ready to use Dulce de Leche cream preparation
  • It is made with the traditional ingredients and following the traditional process of Argentinian Dulce de Leche: a “slow cooking” of milk and sugar that brings a unique taste and texture
  • It is suitable for bakery, patisserie and chocolate applications

Belcolade Lait Selection Cacao Trace

  • Real Belgian Chocolate. Based on Belcolade renowned expertise and craftsmanship
  • Cacao-Trace certified. A unique combination of our pursuit for true taste and our commitment towards cacao farmers, with a life-changing impact
  • Perfectly balanced chocolate, convenient and versatile in use
  • Guaranteed results for endless application possibilities

Market insights & consumer trends

According to research, each person in Argentina consumed around 1kg of this delicacy every year!!! Alfajores are an emblematic piece of Argentine food heritage, up there on the food wall of fame alongside the icons of Malbec, steak, and ice cream…

Shelf life is a few days.

Freezable: Yes

Country guidance:

  • You can replace Puratos (Deli) Dulce de Leche from Argentina locally by Deli Caramel

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