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Health & Well-Being

Celebrating a century of commitment to Health & Well-Being

The Taste Tomorrow survey reveals that consumers are adapting their eating habits and are looking for healthier alternatives and products that contribute to their well-being. Nurturing consumers’ health & well-being has been part of Puratos’ DNA since its founding 100 years ago and continues to take first place in Puratos’ strategy. Being an important part of the group’s Health & Well-Being programme, Belcolade is taking its commitment to the next level by expanding its chocolate products to include more healthier solutions across all product ranges.

Belcolade Health & Well-Being solutions

  • Superior Real Belgian chocolate without compromising on taste and texture
  • Answers to the need of consumers for healthy products
  • Clean(er) Label Approach

For decades, we have been committed to taste in order to deliver our customer the best quality and highlight their creation. Chocolate’s first reason to be is and will remain to be delicious. And it is even tastier when it contributes to your health & well-being. At Belcolade, we have worked tirelessly to improve the nutritional value of our products and launch more transparent and ‘clean(er) labels’ alternatives. Being dedicated to our customers, we offer a range of chocolates that will enable them to be ahead of time and remain as delicious as ever. More specifically, organic, sugar free/no added sugar and sugar reduced solutions, as well as vegan, lecithin-free chocolates and much more. These products help consumers to be in line with their health and well-being aspirations, while offering full-on taste and texture.

Customer advantages
  • Premium Belgian chocolate quality
  • No need to adapt the process or recipe
  • Possible claims: Sugar free/no added sugar, 30% sugar reduced, high in fibers, organic, vegan
  • Added value
  • Sustainable chocolate
Consumer advantages
  • Great taste
  • Health & Well-Being claims available
  • Sustainable chocolate

Health & Well-Being

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Health & Well-being

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Nurturing innovative Health & Well-Being solutions

Puratos Group is taking its commitment to Health & Well-Being solutions to the next level by expanding its product range to include healthier solutions across all product categories. Through fostering new joint ventures and pursuing innovative solutions, Puratos is exploring all avenues to support consumers’ expectations.