Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate, is produced exclusively in Belgium following a long tradition of craftsmanship, quality and refinement. It is made from carefully selected cocoa beans using production processes that have been perfected over time, thus assuring that Belcolade’s exquisite taste is in line with consumers’ expectations.

Product description

  • A superior-tasting range of Belgian chocolate
  • Made from carefully selected cocoa beans using production processes that have been perfected over time
  • 100% cocoa butter, 100% natural vanilla

Mention the name “Belgium” and many people, from different walks of life and different regions of the world, will think “chocolate”. At Belcolade, we take great pride in being a part of the rich heritage that has earned Belgian chocolate this extraordinary reputation. We work hard to protect and enhance that reputation through an unmatched dedication to quality, innovation, customer service and, above all, leadership in taste. For this reason our chocolate is – and has always been – produced in our factory in Erembodegem, Belgium.

Discover the full Belcolade experience!

Customer advantages
  • Exceptional and differentiating taste profiles for all product ranges
  • Belgian authenticity
  • Only available to professionals
  • A comprehensive range of dark, milk and white chocolates
  • Tailor-made recipes matching your taste profile, viscosity and sustainable certification requirements
  • High quality, great tasting sustainable chocolate
  • Continuous innovation
Consumer advantages
  • Our unique, great taste
  • Sustainable chocolate, so chocolate can be enjoyed for generations to come

Belcolade Selection

A full range of chocolate products from powerful dark chocolate with a delicate bitter taste to chocolate with a subtle milky flavour, as well as caramel and creamy white chocolate that melts in the mouth. Bake-stable chocolate, sugar-free varieties, and chocolate for ice cream are also available. For the taste you love plus extra value for money, discover our sustainable Lait & Noir Cacao-Trace™ chocolates. Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate products are also available with the Belcolade Selection range.

Belcolade Origins

This is the ultimate experience of real Belgian chocolate. Our collection includes exclusive flavour profiles that have been carefully mapped via Les Arômes de Cyrano. Thanks to their unique and distinct bouquet of aromas, they are also ideal for chocolate food pairing. Be sure to try our highest quality range of great tasting Belcolade Origins Cacao-Trace™ certified chocolate, made by our fermentation masters.

Belcolade Sustainable

As your reliable partner in innovation, we offer a wide range of sustainable chocolate that doesn’t compromise on taste. This includes products certified by our own unique Cacao-Trace programme, as well as Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and UTZ. Cacao-Trace™ stands for high quality, sustainable chocolate. It is our mutually-beneficial programme that helps farmers increase the value of their cocoa, so that great tasting chocolate can be enjoyed for generations to come. When it comes to flavour and taste, Cacao-Trace is also a mark of quality. The programme’s intense focus on the fermentation and drying processes ensures that only the highest quality beans become delicious Cacao-Trace™ chocolate. Beyond that, for every kilo of chocolate you purchase, Cacao-Trace pays a “Chocolate Bonus” of € 0,10 back to Cacao-Trace farmers. This simple and transparent payment scheme is unique in that 100% of the Chocolate Bonus reaches farmers through the Next Generation Cacao Foundation. The Next Generation Cacao Foundation is audited each year by a third-party auditor, guaranteeing the financial transparency and traceability of the Chocolate Bonus.

Belcolade Fillings

These are great-tasting filling solutions that help you meet today’s challenge while adding value to your business.

Belcolade Service Products

Welcome to a world of high-quality ingredients designed for a variety of applications. These include Belcolade dark chocolate powders, Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder, Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter, and Noir Absolu Ebony (cocoa mass).

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