Aristo Margarines are 100% high-quality vegetable margarines, designed specifically to meet the needs of laminated products such as croissants and danishes. They are also ideal for use in cakes and soft breads, and make an excellent buttery cream.

Product description

  • 100% vegetable margarines for lamination, incorporation and cream applications
  • Butter flavour
  • Great workability

As consumers are increasingly looking for variety in their daily treats, the pressure is mounting on artisans and industrial producers to find creative solutions using their standard ingredients. Fortunately, Puratos has the solution with its range of Aristo Margarines.

Puratos supports the use of sustainable palm, being RSPO certified ‘Mass Balance’ and ‘Segregated’.

Customer advantages
  • Ideal for croissants, danishes, cakes, soft breads an buttery creams
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Packaging sizes to the needs: sheets, blocks or industrial packaging
  • Excellent workability
Consumer advantages
  • Non-hydrogenated fat solutions

Aristo product ranges include

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