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Sunset Glaze

Produced using UHT technology, Sunset Glaze is an egg-wash alternative that is sterile when it comes out of the pack. It delivers outstanding shine and colour and avoids all the problems you might have using real eggs, no matter how fresh they are.

Better environmental impact of Sunset Glaze versus eggs

Puratos has conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to determine the environmental impact of Sunset Glaze compared to that of eggs. Using the ‘Product Environmental Footprint’ methodology, which is adopted and supported by the European Union, data was gathered from the entire value chain of Sunset Glaze and assessed over diverse environmental impact categories including: climate change, water scarcity, land use, and numerous other aspects, covering all the main impacts of human activity on the planet .

This PEF method allows a score to be calculated that is expressed in micro points, making it possible to objectively compare the impact made by products within the same category.

The results of the LCA show that the Sunset Glaze environmental impact is 59% lower than that of pasteurized eggs. 

The main contributing factors to Sunset Glaze’s more favourable overall performance are its lower CO2 emissions (climate change) and land use per kilogram of product.

Product description

The benefits are significant: the number of allergens in the production area is reduced and any health risk due to microbiological contamination is significantly decreased.

Sunset Glaze is unsweetened, making it suitable as a glaze for all kind of applications including savoury products like hamburger buns or sausage rolls. It is also contact wrappable, which means that it won’t stick to the packaging when you pack your goods. Better still, with our clean label solution available, there are no E numbers to declare.

Depending of your daily consumption and customer needs, Sunset Glaze is available in different packaging solutions ranging from 1 litre to 220 litres.

Health & Well-Being
Clean(er) label
Egg Free
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Sunset Glaze product ranges include

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Sunset Glaze

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