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The 5 W’s: The O-tentic Guild transforms Technical Advisors into masters of baking

11 Jul 2017

Puratos gathers its Technical Advisors on baking into the O-tentic Guild: a guild for Technical Advisors who want to learn and practise all there is to know in the world of baking, and to pass it on to team members and customers. Discover more about the Guild: what is it, why was it founded and what makes it so special?

What is the O-tentic Guild?

According to the dictionary, a guild is ‘an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal’. Wikipedia describes a guild as ‘an association of artisans or merchants who control the practice of their craft in a particular town’. Both these descriptions apply to the O-tentic Guild, which we would describe as an association of Puratos Technical Advisors for baking who want to learn and practise all there is to know in the world of bakeries and pass it on to next the generation of Technical Advisors. Not only do guild members take new techniques, products and technologies on board, but they also focus on behaviour and attitudes. Broad knowledge and baking skills alone will not suffice; if the right attitude and way of thinking are missing, the transferral of innovative ideas to others in the industry will not happen. Therefore the O-tentic Guild focuses not just on knowing their trade, but also on being, doing and exchanging their trade.

When was the O-tentic Guild founded and why?
The initiative for the O-tentic Guild occurred in 2013. As the world of baking is being changed by new technologies and processes entering the market, it is essential that we prepare for the future. Our vision in creating the O-tentic Guild is to continue supporting our customers by providing them with the best Technical Advisor team in the world. The O-tentic Guild ensures that our technical teams’ knowledge is shared and handed down from generation to generation.

Why is it called O-tentic Guild?

It is one of the latest innovations in baking which is why we aim to make it more visible. Had we created a guild in the seventies we might have called it the S500 guild. O-tentic is a unique active bakery component of Puratos. Easy to use and based on natural ingredients, O-tentic gives bakers all over the world the creative freedom to make breads with authentic taste and texture.

Who can join the Guild?
All Technical Bakery Advisors and Application specialists of Puratos who want to expand and transfer their knowledge and their love for their profession can join the Guild. They can sign up themselves, or their team members or supervisors can come forward.

What makes the O-tentic Guild special?
We use martial arts principles to develop masters. Former Olympic, World and European judo champion Robert van de Walle is our coach and mentor. Our guild meeting sessions with him, which take place on the tatami, enable us to share his experience of being and remaining at the top of a profession. Robert is supported by Dana Boonen, a former basketball player in several international teams and the Belgian national team. Dana now works as a mental coach, and with her bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and psychology, she forms the perfect duo with Robert.

What can martial arts principles bring to the O-tentic Guild?

The word ‘ju’ in judo signifies gentleness, softness, yielding, and flexibility; ‘do’ means way, road, path or teaching. In judo and some other martial arts, the various belt colours show the level of advancement and competence a player has attained. A white belt means discovery, a yellow belt shows you are starting to practise, and a black belt indicates that you are a master. Each member of the O-tentic Guild has a belt colour linked to his or her competences, behaviour and attitude. A master or black belter is expected to help others develop by sharing his/her competences and also by having walked the ‘path of mastery’.

What are the benefits of O-tentic Guild membership?
The Guild exists for a bigger purpose than simply improving technical skills. We also aim to create a network of masters. The Guild’s members help to facilitate each member’s access to a higher level of competence and mastery. By creating the best technical team in the world, we will continue to provide the best possible support to Puratos customers. The combination of being and doing make us their most reliable partners.

Puratos Technical advisors from around the world are members of the O-tentic guild. Don’t hesitate to ask your local Puratos representative more questions during your next encounter, as they are happy to share their collective experiences.