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Breads of the world: Danish pastry

11 Jul 2017

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People all over the world eat bread. But in every country or region, different sorts of bread are preferred based on different eating habits and available ingredients. Puratos travels the globe to uncover the secrets of authentic local breads and to make their deliciousness more widely available. This time, we unveil the secrets of Danish pastry. 

The secrets of Danish pastry.

Danish pastry is a sweet pastry based on a yeast-raised dough with layers of butter or margarine. The dough is folded and rolled out several times. The pastry can be topped with chocolate, sugar or icing, and may be filled with jam, marzipan or custard cream. The most traditional filling is a sugar, butter and almond paste called remonce. Danish pastry is traditionally eaten in the morning, freshly baked.

A Danish tradition from Vienna
What is known as ‘Danish pastry’ around the world, is known in Denmark as ‘WienerbrØd’, referring to its origins in Vienna. In the second half of the 19th century, apprentice bakers in Denmark worked seven days a week and were paid in food and lodging. Unhappy with this treatment, the apprentices demanded real wages and a weekly day off. As negotiations came to a standstill, the apprentices decided to go on strike. The bakers kept their business going by inviting unemployed bakers from Vienna to work in their bakeries. That is how the original recipe was brought to Denmark.

Create Danish pastry yourself

Thanks to close collaboration with specialist bakers in Denmark, it’s easy to bake your own Danish pastry. By using the Tegral Soft’r mix, you can skip the laborious preparation and be assured of a quality Danish. Tegral Soft’r mix contains:

  • Sapore, a range of traditional fermented sourdoughs that will enhance authentic taste and flavour;
  • The latest Soft’r technology to achieve the right texture and longer lasting freshness.

Discover our Breads of the World
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Take your Danish to the next level
Be it delicious fruit fillings, popular chocolate or nut and cream fillings, there are many ways to take your Danish to the next level.