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Highly versatile and easy-to-use, Savoie mixes deliver quality products. Offering you a range of great tasting sponge & chiffon cake mixes, Savoie meets the challenges of today’s patissiers. 

Product description

Developed with the Puratos know-how, suitable for multiple applications, the Savoie range of mixes  will allow you to obtain a broad range of finished goods to be enriched with different aromas, fruits and fillings.


  • Quality cake mixes for sponge and chiffon cakes
  • Quality cake mixes for sponge and chiffon cakes
Health & Well-Being
Customer advantages
  • Easy to prepare and guarantees a constant quality of the final product
  • Versatile applications
  • Excellent stability, cohesiveness and rollability
  • A light, aerated texture and optimal volume
Consumer advantages
  • Soft texture with a well-balanced freshness
  • Rich taste

Savoie product range includes

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