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What is Acti ?

ACTI is the brand name for a large range of cake improvers based on enzymes technology. ACTI can be used in your existing recipes for a wide range of products, such as snack cakes, loaf cakes, layer cakes, sponge cakes, muffins, brownies...

Product description

  • Improve texture & freshness until end of shelf life
  • Clean the label by replacing additives
  • Control your budget in replacing egg-content up to 50%

Enzymes are present in the nature like plants & living organisms. They are reproduced at Puratos to improve the quality of your cakes in a clean(er) label approach. With our enzymes & baked goods expertise, we create new cake improvers solutions called: ACTI. Discover our range, inspired by nature.

Health & Well-Being
Clean(er) label
No additives
Customer advantages
  • Increased sales through improved quality and differentiated cakes
  • Tailors freshness to the length of your supply chain
Consumer advantages
  • Better quality : Improved tasting experience
  • More convenience : Products with longer shelf-life
  • Clearer & Cleaner Labels : Products with a friendly labelling

ACTI product range includes (available in EASY or Modular)

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