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Every patisserie creation has a story to tell

More than ever, consumers crave authentic, delicious patisserie creations that have exciting textures and flavors.

At the same time – as our Taste Tomorrow research confirms – consumers want to know the stories behind their favorite patisserie items and they also want to understand the impact the food they eat has on their health and that of the planet.

How to better satisfy your customers? To meet these demands, we re-invent Patisserie. Our goal: help you better satisfy your customers.

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Patisserie Classics remain extremely popular. Consumers are triggered by stories about the heritage of patisserie creations coming from each corner of the world From the black forest from Europe – to the mochi in China, the pastel tres leches from South America and of course many more

This “Classic” in patisserie, is the starting points for reinventions and new stories thanks to unexpected texture combinations, sugar reduction, plant-based , with more fruit or more sustainable.

Click on the different links to discover more about the different stories that you can tell and our full patisserie product portfolio that will help you creating those strong stories.

The Classic

"The very best classic"


Visual Appeal

Health & Well Being

More Fruits
Sugar Reduced
Clean(er) Label


Ingredients Sourcing

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