From Topfil Wild Blueberry to Topfil Apple Minicubes, this fruit fillings range is packed with up to 90% fruit, giving customers the sensation and nutrition of fresh, crunchy and juicy fruit. Stable for baking, freezing and thawing, they are the perfect practical option for bakeries and supermarkets.

Product description

  • Ready to use Fruit Filling
  • Adding naturalness of up to 90% fruit pieces to your pastry and patisserie
  • Bake and Freeze thaw stable

A range of delicious fruit fillings, Topfil is packed with up to 90% fruit pieces and is the perfect solution for consumers looking for more natural food. Full of only the choicest fruit, Topfil gives crunch to fruit preparations, as well as a sublimely juicy taste.

Using Topfil could not be easier. The range of delicious fruit fillings is ready-to-use, and meets the most demanding requirements of professionals by being both bake and freeze stable. On top of that, the wide range of varieties means you have endless possibilities in terms of fillings or topping for pastries. Best of all, Topfil has no artificial flavours or colours so your consumers know exactly what they are getting.

Customer advantages
  • Convenience of a ready-to-use filling
  • Bake and freeze-thaw stable
  • Wide range of fruit varieties
  • Ingredients like wild blueberries attract consumer attention
Consumer advantages
  • High taste-to-health ratio, thanks to the high quantity of fresh and juicy fruits
  • No artificial flavours or colours.

Topfil product ranges include


Add a tempting taste and texture to your pastries, with the juicy fruit pieces of Topfil. This wide range of fruit fillings will give you unlimited possibilities as a topping or filling for pastries. Recommended for all your fresh and frozen pastries.

Topfil Select

Thanks to a special cooking process in cans, Topfil Select pastry fillings bring you two extra benefits:

  • Unmatched fruit integrity: the shape and texture of fruits are beautifully respected
  • Two years' shelf life in the packaging to support your logistics chain Topfil Select is ideal to use in post-baked applications.

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