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Raspberry Passion

28 Jul 2022

Whippable toppings


  1. Castella cake batter 
  2. Shortcrust 
  3. Filling
  4. Earl grey creamy 
  5. Italian meringue 
  6. Raspberry mousse 
  7. Whippable topping 
  8. Glaze 



Castella cake batter

In a mixing bowl with a whisk mix the Tegral Castella, eggs, and honey for 2 min. at medium speed and for 4 min. at high speed. Add the oil and mix 1 min. at low speed. Density should be at 40 - 43. Spread on a tray 2 cm thick. Bake in a deck oven at 180 °C for ± 14 min. in a closed damper.


Mix all the ingredients together to a dough texture in a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment. Laminate at 3 min. in between two baking papers, and refrigerate before cutting. Cut discs to fit the bottom of the ring used. Bake on a Silpain. Bake in a deck oven at 170 °C for ± 11 min. in an open damper.


Pipe 120 g of Topfil Raspberry 70% CL into a 16 cm diameter silicon mold, deep enough for the filling and earl grey creamy, and freeze.

Earl grey creamy

Bring the milk to a boil and infuse the tea into it for 10 min. Strain the tea out of the milk and adjust the weight of the milk back to 250 g. Make an anglaise with the Passionata, milk, honey, and egg yolks, cooking it to 85 °C. Add the gelatin mass into the anglaise. Cool down to 30 °C and pour over the frozen disc of raspberry filling.

Italian meringue

Cook the sugar and water at 116 - 120 °C, and pour the cooking sugar over the whipped egg whites. Keep whipping until the meringue reaches 35 - 40 °C.

Raspberry mousse

Pre-soak the gelatin and water for 15 min. Add PatisFrance Starfruit Framboise to the Italian meringue. Add the melted gelatin. Check the temperature of the base, in between 25 to 30 °C. Incorporate lightly whipped Passionata.

Whippable topping

Whip the Passionata in a mixing bowl with a whisk attachment at medium speed to stiff peak texture.

Warm-up Miroir Glassage Fruits Rouges in between 35 to 40 °C. Use an immersion blender to eliminate the air bubbles. Apply the glaze on the mousse at -18 to -20 °C.


Spread the tempered Belcolade Blanc Selection CT white chocolate on the top of a stripe of acetate 52 to 55 cm long. Pre-cut a stipe of 1.5 cm height and roll around a 16 cm diameter ring. When set, peel off the acetate and lay it down on top of the glazed mousse before piping the whipped Passionata.


On a flat tray with a Silpat on top, put 6 rings of 18 cm lined up with acetate. Pour the raspberry 250 to 300 g of mousse per ring. Press the frozen disc of filling and earl grey tea in the center. Top off with a disc of biscuit and shortcrust and freeze. Glaze. Pipe the whippable topping on top.

Nutritional value per 100g