Passionata is a non-dairy topping that tastes like an equal mix of dairy and non-dairy topping.

Product description

  • Sweetened UHT non-dairy topping for patisserie
  • Fantastic milky/dairy taste and with the performance of a standard non-dairy topping
  • Contains only 17% non-hydrogenated fat

What happens when your consumers like the taste of dairy creams, but you like the versatility of non-dairy toppings? The answer is Passionata. Passionata is an ingenious non-dairy topping that combines the taste of dairy and non-dairy toppings but saves you from doing the blending.

Milky and fresh, this unique non-dairy topping can also be used pure as a filling or as a decoration, and has the distinctive cool mouthfeel of real dairy cream.

To make an interesting use of Passionate, why not incorporate it in your mousses, fruit bavarois or entremets? Not only does it have a lovely fine texture, it also has a good clean cut and just the right level of firmness.

Health & Well-Being
Fat Reduction
Customer advantages
  • Ready-to-use
  • Unlike dairy cream it can be stored at room temperature (max 20°C).
  • High yield of 300% vs real cream blend’s yield of only 250%
  • 72 hours without collapsing, changing colour or cracking
Consumer advantages
  • Only 17% fat, whereas most non-dairy toppings have a fat content of 26%
  • Contains only non-hydrogenated fats

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