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Passionata, with a passion for dairy taste.

Product description

  • Sweetened UHT non-dairy topping for patisserie
  • "Milky fresh" taste combined with the benefits of a non-dairy topping
  • Contains only 17% non-hyhdrogenated fat & has a yield of 3 times its original volume

Your consumers like the taste of dairy creams, while you like the technical versatility of non-dairy toppings. With Passionata you get both, it is an ingenious non-dairy topping that tastes like a blend.

Health & Well-Being
Fat Reduction
Customer advantages
  • Easy to store & transport: can be stored and transported at room temperature (max 20°C/68°F) for up to 9 months thanks to its UHT technology
  • When whipped, Passionata has a yield of 3 times its original volume
  • Applications can be stored 72h without collapsing, changes in color or cracking
  • Nutrition: contains only 17% of non-hydrogenated fat
Consumer advantages
  • Only 17% fat, whereas most non-dairy toppings have a fat content of 26%
  • Contains only non-hydrogenated fats

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