The finest raw fruits, sourced from around the world, are processed, roasted, transformed and blended to create the most delicious products. The results are the PatisFrance Praliné assortment, a range that distinguishes itself through its outstanding taste and surprising textures.

Product description

  • Complete range of noble products with specific flavour, great tastes and surprising textures

A ‘source of seduction’ for more than 65 years, PatisFrance products are loved by pastry chefs everywhere. With their genuine French heritage and outstanding reputation for supplying quality ingredients, PatisFrance is a leading supplier of nuts and added-value nut products. 

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Customer advantages
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Endless source of inspiration and creativity
  • Countless uses in chocolate-making, patisserie and viennoiserie creations
  • Perfect when taste and texture make the difference
  • Widely used in ice cream and biscuit applications
Consumer advantages
  • Great taste
  • Positive nutrients from almonds, pistachio and hazelnuts

PatisFrance product ranges include

Pralinés Classic

Pralinés Classic offers great-tasting premium pralines. Boasting a rounded roasted-nut taste, their slower oil decantation make them very easy to use.

Pralinés Tradition

The rich and full taste of authentic pralinés. These highly-textured pastes offer an intense nutty taste, with caramelised and roasted notes

Pure Pastes

Nuts and only nuts. Enhance the nut taste in your applications without additional sugar.


A range of nut specialties based on our expertise in processing nuts and mixing them with other ingredients. From smooth and creamy to crunchy and fizzy, your choice of specialty will make a real difference to your application. While some are ready to use as filling, all have multiple uses and can flavour any type of application, from tarts and chocolates to ice cream and brownies.

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