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Belcolade Origins

Back to the roots of taste

The Belcolade Origins range takes you on a journey to where it all began, to the terroirs of the diverse regions in which our cocoa beans are cultivated. Our experts went to the ends of the earth to discover the cocoa beans that embody the rare, distinctive characteristics called for. And so they set out to explore the countrysides of the Caribbean, South America, Africa, parts of Asia and Oceania and more. The terroirs of these regions cover so much more than just the soil. When combined with local and authentic fermentation techniques, the outcome is cocoa beans packed with natural depth of flavour.

Taste excellence with a unique touch

  • Unique and distinctive taste
  • True to the unique and original flavour of the cocoa bean

The Belcolade Origins range consists of white, milk and dark chocolate, all of which come with a spectrum of flavours that transcends descriptors like sweet or bitter, much like wine. This knowledge is deeply ingrained in our Belcolade taste experts, who meticulously analyse each type of cocoa bean & chocolate to unveil their specific flavour profiles. Afterwards, they capture and express those flavours through conching and refining.

The final result is a distinct range of tastes that embodies the spirit of each region of origin. And recipes that are diverse and unique, turning your culinary efforts into delicious and unforgettable masterpieces.

“Every day I want to craft chocolate creations giving my guests an unforgettable memory of an exquisite taste sensation.”
STEF AERTS, Technical Advisor Chocolate

Customer advantages
  • Unique taste
  • Real Belgian Chocolate claim – for the most expert quality
  • Various storytelling opportunities
  • Support cocoa farmers
Consumer advantages
  • Unique and distinctive taste with a natural depth of flavours
  • Premium Belgian chocolate quality
  • Recipes with unique & superior tastes
  • Sustainable chocolate, so chocolate can be enjoyed for generations to come

Belcolade Origins Include

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Belcolade Origins

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Dedicated to your needs: meet our devoted Chocolate Experts

Dedicated to your needs: meet our devoted Chocolate Experts

Back to the roots with Belcolade Origins

Belcolade Origins is our range of real Belgium chocolate that takes you on an exciting road trip around the world. With this range, we have found perfection from the terroir of the cocoa bean to the whole process of crafting chocolate. Belcolade Origins takes you on a journey to where it all began.

Cacao-Trace launches in Mexico

At Puratos, we build a true sustainable future for cocoa by focusing on superior taste. We recently invested in a post-harvest center in Mexico where our fermentation expertise is the key for creating great tasting chocolate. Together with our customers and their customers, we will reward Mexican farmers with a unique Chocolate Bonus for their superior quality cocoa beans.

Optimising the taste of chocolate from bean to bar

Optimising the taste of chocolate from bean to bar

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From sustainable chocolate solutions and the “made in Belgium” Belcolade, to an assortment of locally produced high-quality real chocolate, compound chocolate and fillings.