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Can sugar-reduced chocolate still be tasty?

20 Nov 2019

Cacao Trace

Cacao-Trace launches its game-changing approach to sustainable cocoa sourcing in Mexico

We are delighted to announce our new post-harvest center and the implementation of Puratos’ unique sustainable program in Mexico. It is the first Cacao-Trace program launched in the Americas! After successful installation in Vietnam, Côte d’Ivoire, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea, this post-harvest center is the fifth in our Cacao-Trace program, which now reaches over 8,000 farmers. With this Cacao-Trace launch, we are continuing to build a true sustainable future for cocoa by focusing on superior taste.

Optimizing the taste of chocolate through controlled fermentation

The post-harvest center has been built in the state of Tabasco, the heart of the Mexican cocoa region. After six months of work to set up our fermentation and drying facilities in Comalcalco, we work with over 400 cocoa farmers to collect high quality Trinitario cocoa “en baba”, which means fresh white cocoa beans. Together with our local fermentation experts, we train our farmers and help them to deliver cocoa beans of superior taste.

From there, the fermentation expert team master the fermentation process in wooden boxes for six days to craft the flavors of this powerful origin. The beans are then gently sun-dried, bagged and stored in optimal conditions to preserve their fine quality.

Distributing real sustainable extra revenue to our farmers and communities

Together with our customers and their customers, we will reward our Mexican farmers with a sustainable extra revenue for their superior quality cocoa beans. The Cacao-Trace program guarantees a premium price and a unique Chocolate Bonus of 10ct € per kg sold, 100% paid back. The impact on living income for the famers is on average three times higher than with other sustainability programs. The first Chocolate Bonus is expected to be distributed in Mexico at the end of 2020.

Responding to the needs of Mexican customers

Through this launch, Mexico is now the second country where we have a chocolate production running the sustainable Cacao-Trace program.

Based on our presence in the Mexican market, Puratos Mexico will also launch a range of real chocolates based on the cocoa beans from the post-harvest center in Comalcalco, Tabasco. Our Mexican customers will soon enjoy this Chocolanté Cacao-Trace range that offers both dark and milk varieties, highlighting Mexico’s rich cocoa heritage. They will also have great stories to tell their customers about the contribution they make to both local cocoa farmers and their communities. Together we can build a real sustainable future for superior tasting chocolate!