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Back to the roots with Belcolade Origins

4 Nov 2019


Belcolade Origins is our range of real Belgium chocolate that takes you on an exciting road trip around the world. With this range, we have found perfection from the terroir of the cocoa bean to the whole process of crafting chocolate. Belcolade Origins takes you on a journey to where it all began.

Chocolate crafted out of love & dedication

Our chocolate experts went above and beyond for you to find the best cocoa beans for your chocolate creations, travelling to all corners of the world. Because making chocolate is one thing, but making the best real Belgium chocolate is a whole other level. That needs passion and dedication, two things that our chocolate experts thrive on. 

Creating a memorable recipe with great taste

Creating delicious chocolate is like making wine. To produce a fine wine, however, the grapes, terroir, fermentation process and recipe all play a key role in defining the kind of wine and flavour palate created. Working with cocoa beans is no different. The taste of chocolate develops in a natural way, arising from the terroir in which the cocoa beans are cultivated.

That’s the secret to our Belcolade Origins range. First, there is the terroir of the different regions. Our chocolate owes a lot of its unique aromas to the specific soil and microclimate in which the cocoa beans are cultivated. When combined with local and authentic fermentation techniques, it enhances the depth and taste of the specific aromas.

Belcolade has been crafting chocolate of exceptional quality for over 30 years. We are dedicated to expressing the pure, natural flavours of the terroir. With this true craftsmanship we create Belcolade Origins’ unique medley of tastes, helping our customers make their recipes always just as memorable.


11 unique flavour profiles

With the 11 unique flavour profiles we created a unique bouquet that makes your chocolate experience an unforgettable gastronomic one. There isn’t a single taste that defines chocolate. Our Belcolade taste experts meticulously analyse each type of cocoa bean & chocolate to unveil their specific flavour profiles. Afterwards, they capture and express those flavours through conching and refining.

The final result is a diverse range of tastes: from the delicate notes of coffee and humus of cocoa beans in Ecuador, to the pure and natural fruity taste from Papua New Guinean beans. Spoil your customers with the rich flavours our chocolate offers and take them back to the roots of taste.

Discover all about the spectrum of flavours of unique & distinctive Belcolade Origins, or contact your local team to get started.