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Cost & efficiency

Puratos fillings stand out thanks to their taste, concept novelty, enhanced freshness, long-lasting crispiness and internationally diverse flavours.

More softness

How can a market leader increase the cost efficiency of its products?

At Puratos, we aim to help our customers maximise cost efficiency. We know that freshness and shelf life are crucial factors in achieving this ambition.

A new solution with the same taste

A market leader in packed sweet foods wanted to stand out in a highly competitive market. Its aim was to increase the nine-day shelf life of its cream-filled packed buns to one month. So, they asked our team to create a solution that replaced their own fat-based cream with a water-based filling, as close as possible to the original in terms of taste and texture.

We responded with Cremfil Ultim Hazelnut, a water-based filling which, thanks to controlled water activity, significantly improves the overall freshness of our customer’s soft items. In fact, we maintained freshness throughout the one-month shelf life, enabling customers to enjoy a soft and creamy texture.

Fillings adapted to suit you

Minimise waste and maximise profit! Puratos fillings are designed to match your production processes: injection, extrusion or depositing.

Packaged for efficiency

Our versatile and convenient packaging solutions help you optimise labour costs and avoid waste.

Superior bake stability

Produce more with the same ingredients, thanks to outstanding bake stability. Your consumers will get more for their money and will keep coming back.

Freeze-thaw stable fillings

Freezing gives you much needed logistical flexibility, which means all our fillings are suitable for frozen distribution.

Crispiness that lasts

There’s nothing better than a crunchy cookie or a crispy pie. Puratos fillings will help you maintain that crispy texture for up to 12 months.



Deli Cheesecake

Creamy and comforting with just a hint of crunch, cheesecake is the ultimate dessert.

Cremfil Ultim

Your customers will love this irresistible range of nut and chocolate fillings that preserves the freshness of soft baked patisserie and bakery goods.

Patisfrance Starfruit

Pasteurized fruit purées to use as flavour or filling in your creations.


Classic & Summum are concentrated flavouring pastes made with fruit juice extracts and fruit purees for flexible, everyday and multipurpose flavouring.


Vivafil is a range of fruit fillings that fills the gaps in your finished applications, staying right where you want it, regardless of production process.


Topfil is a range of ready-to-use fruit fillings, stable for baking, freezing and thawing.


Deli is a top quality range of rich cream filling preparations that make good baking taste great.


Recognised by many leading equipment manufacturers as the most reliable cream filling, Cremfil offers outstanding stability during pumping, baking and freezing.