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Belcolade: Never compromise on taste

Everything starts with true taste. Because nothing beats the true taste of chocolate. For over 30 years already, it has been our higher cause to let everyone taste the true joy of chocolate. That's what our chocolate experts strive for. Day in and day out. We dare to go further. And we do not leave room for compromises.

BELCOLADE Origins Noir Papua New Guinea 73 Cacao-Trace


Our Cacao-Trace expert, Sylvestre Awono, insists on taking the time to dry our organic beans

The BELCOLADE Origins range takes you back to the terroirs in which our cocoa beans are cultivated. The result is a range of distinctive single-origin chocolates that embodies the spirit of each region of origin. Papua New Guinea is the birth ground of some of the most flavorful cocoa beans around the world. Usually local farmers in this region dry their beans by using wooden fire. The smoke, however, had a huge impact on the natural flavors. We changed that. By implementing the purest possible way of drying: using only the sun. Gently, carefully, slowly, we dried. In addition we optimized the fermentation procedure and we careful roast the beans. All this to expose the authentic flavors of the cocoa bean. Together with our farmers we created a true chocolate taste, that surprised everyone. A long lasting, powerful taste, bitter and fruity. This unique chocolate combines the roasted flavors of coffee and hazelnut with notes of both fresh and dried fruit. Underlying hints of black pepper and honey complete the taste experience. We did not compromise. We never do. With Origins we go back to the roots of taste. True Taste!

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BELCOLADE Selection Amber Cacao-Trace


Our Chocolate innovation expert, Goedele Van der Biest, fights for more taste without artificial flavours.

BELCOLADE Selection is our range of Belgian taste classics. By crafting Amber we take the worldwide top trending caramel flavor to the next level. It takes you from a naturally salted-butter caramel boost to more creamy and cooked milk notes. The secret lies in a slow and gentle conching, enhancing a specific flavor bouquet without adding artificial flavors.

We wrote a quality recipe and adapted the chocolate creation process as needed. We worked and tested until our innovation team achieved. Like cutting a diamond, We took time. With one focus only: creating true taste!

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With Cacao-Trace we go beyond sustainability

We at BELCOLADE, we personify the Cacao-Trace program. Fully. In our way of working. And thinking. Our focus on true taste is a focus with a mission. We want to secure the future of chocolate. Because we love and cherish chocolate. That is why we work together with everyone who shares this devotion. All over the world. We talk and listen, we care and cocreate. We invest to sustain. That’s why we, as fermentation experts, are the only ones who created a worldwide network of post-harvest centers. That’s why we grant together with you a chocolate bonus (of 10 ct) for every kilo of premium quality chocolate sold, on top of a premium price. The Cacao-Trace program is the unique combination of our pursuit for true taste and our commitment towards cacao farmers, with a life changing impact.

We go beyond sustainability. Because we know. Nothing tastes like true chocolate. Nothing.

It's all about true taste

Belcolade chocolatier Michel Eyckerman is always striving for true tastes in his recipes.

Ever thought of adding Sichuan pepper to your chocolate creation? Do you dare to create an Amber diamond with a salted butter taste of caramel?

Together with you, our Belcolade chocolatiers refine the art of creating chocolate. Everything is about true taste. Because nothing beats the true taste of chocolate. Nothing.

Inspiration for your chocolate creations

Raspberry Royal Cake

Raspberry Royal Cake

Recipe of Raspberry Royal Cake.

Vanilla Sichuan Bite

Vanilla Sichuan Bite

Recipe of Vanilla Sichuan Bite.

Amber Diamond

Amber Diamond

Recipe of Amber Diamond.

Amber Pearl

Amber Pearls

Recipe of Amber Pearls

Let’s never compromise on taste together

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