Vanilla Sichuan Bite

Recipe of Vanilla Sichuan Bite

17 Feb 2020



  1. Ganache

1. Ganache

Working method

Caramelize 120 g of sugar and add the heated cream previously infused with a vanilla stick and Sichuan pepper. Mix everything with a hand blender. Adjust the weight to 495 g by adding some fresh cream 35%.

Add Sorbitol and invert sugar and heat up to 85°C. Pour this liquid on the Belcolade Origin Papua New Guinea 73% Cacao-Trace chocolate drops. Mix gently with a spatula, taking care not to incorporate air. When the mixture is between 35 and 38°C add butter. Finish mixing with a hand blender to reach perfect emulsion of the ganache.

Pour the ganache in the designated frames. Leave ganache for at least an hour at 18°C and then cover it with a plastic film. Leave to crystallize for 72 hours, cut in squares of 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm. Use Belcolade Selection Noir 65% Cacao-Trace for enrobing.