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Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate

At the heart of Belcolade chocolate is its unrivalled taste. Outstanding flavours that come from the careful selection of the best quality cocoa beans from around the globe. This is complemented by a chocolate making process that we have perfected over decades of experience. Mastering all the steps such as refining and conching we guarantee the truly real Belgian chocolate experience.

Our beans & expertise are at the heart of an amazing spectrum of flavours

Our passion for chocolate does not stop there. As a family-based company, we value proximity with our customers and take great pride in supporting them in developing the most personal chocolate creations. Belcolade offers a rich palette of flavours, from real Belgian taste favourites to the most unique single-origin gems. Recipes tailored to specific requirements can also be considered.

As a part of our commitment to furthering chocolate expertise, we founded the Belcolade Chocolate Centre in Erembodegem, Belgium. The centre has since become a truly international training venue and a forum for professionals from around the world to exchange ideas, tips and best practices.

Chocolate has never tasted so amazing... True feast for the senses!

Real Belgian Chocolate


Belcolade Health & Well-Being

Good-for-you chocolate with no compromise on taste. Sugar-reduced, organic, vegan, lecithin-free chocolate and much more.

Belcolade Origins

Back to the roots of taste. Unique & distinctive single-origin chocolates. Allowing to craft the most personal chocolate creations.

Belcolade Selection

Belgian taste classics. Perfectly balanced and versatile chocolates, guaranteeing great tasting results.

Real Belgian Chocolate

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Dedicated to your needs: meet our devoted Chocolate Experts

Dedicated to your needs: meet our devoted Chocolate Experts

Cacao-Trace launches in Mexico

At Puratos, we build a true sustainable future for cocoa by focusing on superior taste. We recently invested in a post-harvest center in Mexico where our fermentation expertise is the key for creating great tasting chocolate. Together with our customers and their customers, we will reward Mexican farmers with a unique Chocolate Bonus for their superior quality cocoa beans.

Can sugar-reduced chocolate still be tasty?

Can sugar-reduced chocolate still be tasty?

Back to the roots with Belcolade Origins

Belcolade Origins is our range of real Belgium chocolate that takes you on an exciting road trip around the world. With this range, we have found perfection from the terroir of the cocoa bean to the whole process of crafting chocolate. Belcolade Origins takes you on a journey to where it all began.

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Chocolate Center

At our two Chocolate Centers, Puratos experts research the latest trends in chocolate production while also developing new concepts, products, processes and technologies.

Belcolade Live Demos

Belcolade Live Demos is a series of webinars where Belcolade Chocolate Experts will share their knowledge and help you get the most striking results with our chocolate, showcasing a specific recipe or technique.