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Classic Sacher Torte: A Classic Chocolate and Apricot Sacher Torte

8 Apr 2024



  • Chocolate Biscuit
  • Filling
  • Coating

Choux Paste


Working Method

Mix all the ingredients together (except oil and chocolate) into a mixing bowlwith a whisk for 5min. medium speed. Melt the chocolate to 40C and mix with oil.Add the oil and chocolate and mix again with low speed till it's homogeneous. Pour 200 gr for a 16cm ring and bake to an internal temperature to 92 to 95C.



Working Method

Pipe the vivafil in between the 2 layer of cake.



Working Method

Coat the cake with a thin layer of ganache and let set in refrigerator.

Warm up the ganache at 30 to 32C and pour over the cake as a coating.


When baked and cooled down cut the sacher in 2.

Spread the 100gr apricot filling in between the 2 layers of Sacher.

Coat the layer cake with some of the chocolate coating warmed up to avoid having air bubbles during the final coating.

Nutritional Information


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