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Amber’s Caramel

27 Jul 2022

Whippable toppings


  1. Shortcrust 
  2. Madeleine biscuit 
  3. Coffee caramel 
  4. Amber mousse 
  5. Whippable topping


Working Method


Use the Mimetic Incorporation at room temperature. Roast the PatisFrance Amandes Rapees almond powder and let it cool down before use. Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl with a paddle attachment to make a dough. Roll it down to 3 mm and cool down. Cut disc to fit under the mousse. Cut and move the dough on a Silpain when it is still cold. Bake in a deck oven at 170 °C for ± 14 min. in an open damper.

Madeleine biscuit

Warm up the Mimetic Incorporation and oil to 50 - 55 °C. Mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl with a paddle for 4 min. at low speed. Spread on a Silpat to bake. Recipe for 2 trays of 60 x 40 cm. Bake in a deck oven at 180 °C for ± 14 min. in a closed damper. 

Coffee caramel

Warm-up the Deli Caramel and salt to 50 °C. Then add the Classic Moka and Chantypak. Pipe into a half-sphere silicone mold and put it in the freezer.

Amber mousse

Pre-soak the gelatin and water for at least 15 min. before use. Mix the cold coffee and Cremyvit in a mixing bowl with a whisk for 5 min. at high speed. Melt the Belcolade Amber CT chocolate to 40 °C. Mix the melted gelatin, Cremyvit, and amber chocolate together. Check and adjust the temperature if needed at 32 - 35 °C. Fold the lightly whipped Chantypak.

Whippable topping

Whip the Chantypak to a soft peak texture. 


Spread some tempered Belcolade Amber CT chocolate in between two guitar sheets and cut discs that fit the size of the mousse.


Mold the amber mousse into a half-sphere silicone mold, then press into the frozen insert of coffee caramel. Top off with a disc of madeleine biscuit and put it in the freezer. Unmold the half sphere of frozen mousse and dip into the whipped topping. Lay it down on the disc of baked shortcrust and add the chocolate decoration.