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At Puratos, we believe that sustainability should be embedded into the entire value chain, going from the sourcing of raw materials up to the usage of our products by customers and consumers. Furthermore, Taste Tomorrow confirms that never before consumers have been so conscious about stories behind their food. Our Field to fork program is the perfect answer to these needs creating value across the full value chain:

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  1. Heritage, local origins - we are sourcing local varieties of fruit to bring differentiated taste and quality, while offering transparency to customers and consumers.
  2. Transparency – we are working close to our farmers (directly or via 1st transformation), creating value for the fruit growers (valorisation of 2nd grade quality, diversification of revenues) and local communities, while reducing the impact on the environment. 

Fruit grower

Fruit grower

Puratos is working closely with fruit growers and promoting fruits' heritage and local origin, because every fruit has a story to tell. Together with farmers, we are also promoting responsible sourcing for a better planet.

First transformation

First transformation

The first transformation allows Puratos to secure the availability of the fruit all year long while defining quality standards to achieve taste / texture requirement. By doing this, we create additional value for all stakeholders across the value chain.



Our Field to fork program gives our customers the opportunity to share the fruit sourcing story with their consumers with full transparency and to communicate the added value of the fruit filling used in their finished products.

End consumer

End consumer

Consumers want to hear the stories about the food they eat today. They demand transparency on how their food is made. Our Field to fork program offers that visibility of sourcing and production of the fruit filling, enabling our customers to tell stories about sustainable fruit picking and quality fruit filling production.

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