Festipak is our unsweetened multipurpose non-dairy topping.

Product description

  • Unsweetened multipurpose UHT non-dairy topping (cooking and whipping)
  • Creamy texture both when used for cooking and whipping

When you want to reduce the sugar content of your dessert without compromising on taste, Festipak is the perfect solution. Completely sugar-free, Festipak is perfectly whippable so is ideal for unsweetened patisserie applications. Alternatively, you can add sugar to get the sweetness you prefer. Or you can blend it with ingredients that already contain sugar like fruit purées, fruit flavouring preparations, or chocolate.

Festipak’s excellent heat resistance means it can be used for patisserie applications like ganache that need to be cooked or even savoury applications such as soups and sauces. Whether hot or cold, whipped or cooked, you can always rely on Festipak to add a creamy touch to your recipes.

Customer advantages
  • UHT-sterilised so allows storage at room temperature (max.20°C)
  • Ready-to-whip
  • Excellent whipping performance and stability for patisserie applications
  • Excellent heat resistance for savoury applications
  • Overrun: 350%
  • Freeze-thaw stable
Consumer advantages
  • Great desserts with less sugar but full of taste

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